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Werner Kindler, a soldier of the 1st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”. A highly decorated soldier, he was, at age of 23, one of only 631 men to to receive the award of Close Combat Clasp (Nahkampfspange) in Gold

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Werner Kindler served in the 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment of the 1st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”. He managed to survive at least 84 close combat actions and was awarded the Close Combat Clasp (Nahkampfspange) in Gold on April 1, 1945, becoming one of only 631 men ever to to receive this military award. Kindler was also awarded the German Cross in Gold (20 April 1945), Iron Cross 2nd Class (17 December 1941) and 1st Class (10 May 1944), Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Winter Battle in the East 1941–42 Medal, as well as Wound Badge in Gold. He served in the USSR, Italy, Normandy, the Ardennes Campaign, Hungary and, ultimately, in Austria. Kindler and his comrades surrendered to the American troops on May 10, 1945. After the war he wrote his memoir entitled “Mit Goldener Nahkampfspange – Werner Kindler, Ein Panzergrenadier der Leibstandarte” (the English edition is entitled “Obedient Unto Death: A Panzer Grenadier of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler Reports”).


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